I came to Alexis for help around a strong fear/anxiety of death/dying, as recommended to me by a wise friend. Alexis helped me look at death a different way, and she guided me toward many other resources that have been spiritually and scientifically educational. Our first session was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I am thankful for Alexis’ grace and wisdom, and I strongly recommend talking to her about end-of-life concerns.


I found doing hypnosis with Alexis to be very beneficial! I had never tried this modality before finding Alexis. It helped me turn down my analyzer brain, and get to the root of my imposter syndrome that’s been getting in my way of starting my own business. I’m impressed with Alexis’ ability to hold space, listen with deep empathy, and make it feel manageable to take the steps in the direction of my soul purpose. It was different from the therapy and coaching that I’ve been trying, because of the access I was able to get to my own inner wisdom.


Death is our greatest teacher about life, and having a guide in the journey of all things Death can be a profound gift. I have personally experienced the unique gifts Alexis carries and she is the person who transformed my loss journey into something far more beautiful and hopeful. She is a companion in a process many of us carry fear around. Alexis is the only person I’ve met that offers this sacred space to any human being interested in living from a deeper place of purpose and hope.


My early 30s were marked by the passing of my parents. Within a few short years, they each had a battle with an aggressive form of cancer. We knew the prognoses were dire, and I was grief stricken and adrift. Alexis was a supportive guide as I navigated the emotions, logistics, and unknown of being by my parents’ sides on their end-of-life journeys. She gave me permission to care for myself while also caring for my family. I could not have done it without Alexis’ empathy and knowledge, and I am grateful for her loving presence.


We live in a culture that is afraid of death and uncomfortable with the emotions surrounding loss, so it is a true blessing to find someone who is able to comfortably sit with you during those most challenging of times. When I lost my father two years ago, it was a relief to be able to navigate through the complicated grieving process with Alexis. With her support, I was better able to sit with difficult unresolved issues and genuinely move forward with living. When I have memories of my father, I am now able to be with that grief instead of trying to push it away. I often think of something she said to me:

“You don’t get over the loss, it just becomes easier to live with it.”


I am impressed by Alexis’ calm and grounded personality. She is a delight to talk to, both a really good listener and a person with a highly developed emotional intelligence. Her comments are so insightful, and her heartfelt compassion for any difficult situation is such a wonderful gift. I am truly grateful for her.


We hired Alexis to host a virtual memorial service for our dad, who had a terminal condition and yet passed rather unexpectedly. Her compassion and ability to hold space for us while helping us navigate this difficult time was deeply appreciated. She took the time to know our dad through the stories we shared with her. She assembled a complement of perfectly appropriate poetry that was delivered in a way that felt it was written just for my family. In an organized and seamless manner she guided the service and honoured our dad and the impact he had on so many others. Even though she had never met him in life, it felt as though she personally knew him well.

I would highly recommend Alexis to everyone, as she performed the most beautiful memorial service with professionalism and class. We continue to gladly refer family and friends who were equally as impressed by the service they had attended.


Alexis brings a wonderful blend of emotional maturity and experiential savvy to everything that she does. She has the unique ability to tap deeply into intuition while maintaining scientific precision in her pursuits. Alexis is rational, methodical and efficient while exuding warmth and compassion. She is an excellent listener and creative problem solver and has the capacity to navigate difficult scenarios with grace and aplomb.


Alexis gently and skillfully guided me into a meditative state. I was surprised at the depth of my experience – an experience that helped me understand and contextualize some of my long-standing habit patterns. I gained insight that ultimately changed the relationship I have with substance use. I would recommend Alexis to anyone struggling for change.


I am so grateful for my sessions with Alexis. She helped me deal with some self esteem issues, past traumas, and weight-loss blocks. I highly recommend trying hypnosis with Alexis.


Alexis has been a part of my life for many years as I have been a guide on the side as her high school counselor, mentor, and friend. As a young adult, Alexis demonstrated leadership, wisdom, empathy, awareness, and insights far beyond her chronological age. She was always searching, seeking, and using creative problem-solving skills naturally. I witnessed her rare ability to hold space for grief when she was just 16 years old, after the tragic death of a beloved member of her social group. With her natural gifts as a teacher and healer she has helped others grow and explore their potential. By offering death and dying coaching services, Alexis can help people with their own and others’ mortality, especially now as people are facing and dealing with so many levels of loss. Alexis will support their process of grieving, loss, death, and dying with insight and light.